Terms of use

Your booking is handled by Taxibokning Sverige AB. Taxibokning also provides the booking function for taxi companies and other organizations. Regardless of which booking function used, the below booking terms will apply.

1. Invalid booking with incorrect phone number

If you have provided an incorrect phone number and cannot be reached, the booking will be deemed invalid, and the taxi company is not obligated to proceed with the reservation.

2. Tracking in case of abuse

After the completion of a booking, information is stored that will allow for tracing the computer and user. If the booking service is being sabotaged or abused in the form of fraudulent bookings, this leads to a police report and damages. Trial will be held in a Swedish court.

3. User responsibility for login information

Users of the booking service are solely responsible for safeguarding their login credentials, including usernames and passwords, and ensuring their confidentiality. Taxibokning holds no responsibility for unauthorized access or usage of accounts due to lost or stolen login information, and it will not provide compensation if a password is compromised and used by another party for unauthorized bookings or activities.

4. Personal data

When booking, the necessary personal data is stored, such as name, mobile number, addresses and e-mail as well as other information regarding the booking. This information is further forwarded with the booking to the chosen taxi company and the taxi cab that carries out the journey. Personal data is used for the booking, payment, billing and support. For more information see our Privacy policy.

5. Price information from taxi companies

After selecting the trip's pickup and drop-off locations, date, time, and the number of passengers, the price for each taxi company capable of providing the chosen trip will be displayed. Prices are determined based on the current rates of the respective taxi company. Please be aware that the fare displayed on the taxi meter in the taxi car may vary from the initially booked price.

6. Guaranteed fixed price for card or Swish payments

For travels paid by card and/or other online payment, the payment transaction is handled by Swedbank Pay. For users that select to store payment card, Taxibokning store masked payment card number, the payment card's expiration date, type of payment card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro) and an agreement between the User and the Taxibokning. Card and swish payment are performed directly when the user confirms the booking to a guaranteed price, which means that ordinary extra costs such as airport terminal-fees, bridge tolls, ferry admission fee etc. are already included in the price. A maximum of 5 minutes waiting time is also guaranteed. After that time has passed the driver has the right to leave the pickup location without refund or charge extra for waiting time. For pickup at airports, see p. 9.

7. Fixed price or taximeter, with invoice or travel account payment

For bookings with fixed price that are to be payed by invoice or travel account, extra costs may be added to the price on certain destinations or routes, such as airport terminal-fees, bridge tolls, ferry admission fee etc. Some taxi companies may also charge for extra waiting time if the passenger arrives late. Additional costs could also apply if circumstances or details are changed during the trip. Always consult with the driver regarding costs before requesting changes to the trip or route, to avoid unwanted price additions.

For bookings with a taximeter price the total cost for the trip is reported to Taxibokning after the trip is completed. And is then charged by either invoice or travel account. The price is usually reported within a day. To pay with invoice or travel account a user account must be registered at Taxibokning. You can request to pay by invoice when logged in under your account settings. A request for travel account is sent by email to ekonomi@taxibokning.se.

In order to pay with invoice or travel account a user account must be registered at Taxibokning. A request to pay with invoice can be sent when logged in under your account settings. A request for travel account is sent by email to ekonomi@taxibokning.se.

8. In car payment

The option to pay in the car requires a user account and is not available for certain trips, such as those with a higher price or longer approach time. When booking with payment in the car, the responsibility for paying for the trip is directly between the traveler and the driver. If no fixed price is shown at the time of booking, but an estimated approximate price is shown, this price is only a price indication and does not necessarily correspond to the final taximeter price after the trip is completed.

9. Pickup at airports

When picking up a traveller at the airport, the taxi company monitors the landing time and adjusts the driver's arrival time for pick-up. The taxi driver waits for the passenger with a sign in the terminal according to the following waiting times. When picking up from an arriving domestic flight at Arlanda the taxi driver will wait for a maximum of 20 minutes. When picking up from an arriving international flight at Arlanda the taxi driver will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes. When picking up from an arriving flight at Bromma the taxi driver will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes. A valid telephone number is required at the time of reservation so that the taxi driver will be able to contact the passenger. In case of delays, immediately contact the taxi company directly. After the time has passed, the taxi driver is entitled to leave the airport and the trip will be charged at full price.

10. Number of passengers and accompanying baggage

When traveling to or from an airport for a flight: For regular taxi, a maximum of 4 persons and a maximum of 4 items of luggage apply, provided that both the number of persons and the luggage can fit in a normal-sized passenger car. For large taxis, a maximum of 6 persons and a maximum of 6 pieces of luggage and 6 carry-on bags are allowed. Keep in mind that a taxi with many passengers cannot handle bulky or extra baggage, therefore if you have many pieces of luggage or extra-large luggage it may be best to reserve a vehicle where you are the sole passenger.

11. Shared ride

A shared ride refers to a reservation for 1 person. As a general rule, we plan on a maximum of 3 passengers traveling together. However for some pick-ups/destinations we may need to -plan more people traveling together due to a shortage of resources at peak times. Reservations, and changes of reservations or cancellations must be made no later than two hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time. In order to ensure a sustainable and efficient pooling, an adjustment of the pick-up time may occur, with a maximum deviation of plus/minus 15 minutes. For early morning travel, i.e. before 08:00, a shared ride must be reserved before 20:00 the day before. The passenger can bring 1 normal sized piece of luggage plus 1 carry-on bag.

12. Cancellation

If the trip is not to be completed, the booking must always be cancelled in the booking service where it was booked. Cancellations must be made not later than 30 minutes before pickup time, or before the car is dispatched towards the pickup location. ASAP-bookings without specific pickup time can only be canceled in app/web when the selected taxi company confirms the booking manually and the booking is not yet confirmed. If the booking is a shared ride the cancellation must be made not later than 2 hours before pickup time. A late cancellation may result in no refund to the passenger, and the total cost is charged. When a valid cancellation is made for bookings with Swish payment, the amount is credited immediately, and the funds will be available directly in your account. For bookings with card payment, it may take up to 2 bank days before the refund is processed and appears in your account.

13. Fail to appear

If the passenger does not appear at the pickup location and no cancellation was made, the taxi company has the right to charge the traveller the full cost for the trip including invoicing fees. If the booking was made on taximeter an estimated charge for the trip might be charged.

14. Cookies

Taxibokning uses so called Cookies. A small text-based data file that is placed on your device that contains random identification numbers. The cookie facilitates, among other things, automatic login, display of your bookings and settings, which simplifies your use of the booking service.

Name Description
RecentOrderList Stores references to previous bookings for public users. Life span: 1 year.
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ASP.NET_SessionId Stores information about the current session to the server. Life span: session.
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CookieConsent Agreement to the usage of cookies. Life span: 1 year.
LoginCookie Keeps track of which user is logged in. Life span: session.
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hideBannerClicked Keeps track of whether a message box has been closed. Life span: varying.
TBAntiForgeryMobi To prevent "Cross-Site Request Forgery". Life span: 1 year.
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_RequestVerificationToken To prevent "Cross-Site Request Forgery". Life span: session.
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15. Fault reports/problems

a.) In case of technical faults on this reservation website please contact Taxibokning Support at +46 (0)18-4443140, or via e-mail to support@taxibokning.se.

b.) If the ordered taxi does not arrive at the scheduled time, after waiting an additional 5 minutes the passenger should contact the following, in this order: Firstly, the taxi company that is supposed to provide the transportation services. In the alternative, the traveler contacts their travel agency, who in turn contacts the taxi company that is to provide the transportation services. If that is not possible and the matter is still unresolved then the passenger should contact Taxibokning at +46 (0)18-4443140, or via e-mail at support@taxibokning.se. If the passenger does not contact any of the above-mentioned parties, any right to compensation for any damages will be lost.

c.) In the event of problems with baggage or other problems involving a delay, the passenger must contact the taxi company immediately. If the delay in the shared ride would result in problems for other passengers traveling with the same vehicle, the taxi company is entitled to leave with the other passengers and the trip will be charged at full price.

d.) In the event items are left behind in a taxi, the taxi company that has provided the transportation services must be contacted.

e.) Taxibokning is only an intermediary for the reservations and provision of transportation services transferring the transportation request to the taxi company. The taxi company has the requisite insurance coverage and takes full responsibility for the performance of the transportation by taxi. When the confirmation of reservations is received, this means that the taxi company has acknowledged the reservations and assumes full responsibility for the transportation services by taxi. Any complaint or claim about the taxi trip must be made directly to the taxi company. Taxibokning does not provide compensation for any problems that have arisen in the taxi company's performance of the transportation services. If the passenger is dissatisfied in some manner with the service provided for their trip, first the taxi company should be contacted and after that if the matter is still unresolved, then contact Taxibokning Support. And claims must be filed within 14 days of the trip taking place.

16. Right to compensation

For personal injury and damage to property transported in the taxi, the rules under the Swedish Motor Traffic Damage Act (1975:1410) apply, which usually means that compensation is paid via the automobile insurance held by the taxi (or any other vehicle involved). If the passenger suffers a personal injury or damage to property during a trip, compensation occurs from the automobile insurance carrier of the taxi company providing then transportation services.

If you suffer any other damage that is not compensated by the vehicle's automobile insurance, you may be entitled to compensation if the individual who caused the damage did so via negligence. However Taxibokning's liability and the liability the taxi company is limited to encompass direct damage only. No compensation is provided for indirect damages, such as lost profits, income or revenue, or loss of production, third party damage or other consequential damages. As it concerns personal injury, the taxi company's liability is also limited to a maximum amount per injury: for damage to property, the limit is one (1) base amount and if damages consist only of property damage ten percent (10%) of the base amount in effect at the time the transportation services were provided pursuant to the Swedish Public Insurance Act (1962:381).

Under no circumstances do Taxibokning and/or the taxi company assume any liability for the situation where the possibility to perform the services is prevented or an injury/damage arises from circumstances that are beyond the control of Taxibokning and/or the taxi company, such as governmental action, a strike or other labor conflict, fuel shortage, engine or other vehicle damage, severe weather or unexpected interruption of operations of the company or its business activities.

If the passenger suffers an injury, the passenger is obligated to do what is reasonable to limit the injury/loss. Neither Taxibokning nor the taxi company has no obligation to pay compensation for the part of the damage/loss that the passenger should have been able to avoid.

If you are also not satisfied with the decision on the matter, you of course have the possibility of contacting the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints: Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden / National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) Kungsholmstorg 5, Stockholm, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, Tele. No: 08 - 508 860 00

17. Insurance

All taxis of the taxi companies affiliated with Taxibokning carry insurance coverage to the proper extent against injury to passengers and damage to their property. In addition, Taxibokning has liability insurance coverage for other types of damages.

18. Taxibokning Support


Phone +46 (0)18 444 31 40

Office hours (weekdays) 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Urgent fault reports open day and night

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